We are the Dellerba family and since years we passionately cultivate our vineyards on the hill of Santa Brigida, in the Italian region of Piedmont.

Our ethics impose us the maximum respect for the environment and that’s why we recycle the manure produced by our Piedmontese cattle breeding as a natural fertilizer for our vineyards.

Following this philosophy, moreover, the rows of vines do not undergo invasive work but are only tilled to encourage a greater soil respiration and the infiltration of rainwater, thus enriching the underground aquifers.

Even in the winery we follow a green logic, so we use electricity from solar panels and we use stainless steel barrels that allow us to obtain the highest quality of our wine.

Another particular characteristic of the rooms where we store our wooden barrels is the lava stone on which the surrounding walls rest and from which water veins flow, favoring a high percentage of humidity in the environment.

We thus obtain an optimal resting of our oak barrels for the aging of our Freisa and Barbera.